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Lunch Dinner Menu More Than 35 PAT
Lunch/Dinner Menu (More Than 35 PAT)


1- Chicken Curry/Mutton Curry/Aloo Beef Curry/Chinese Dish.
2- Served With Nan, Raita, salad Rs.330/-P.H.
With Sweet Dish Rs.418/-P.H


1- Chicken Curry/Motton Curry/ Aloo Beef Curry/ Chines Dish.
2- Mix Vegetable/ Mix Dall/ Anda Curry/ Chines Dish.
3- Served with Nan, Raita, Salad Rs.405/-P.H.
With Sweet Dish Rs.492/-P.H


1- Brown Rice/ Plain Rice/ Peas Pulao/ Egg Fried Rice.
2- Chiken Curry/ Mutton Curry/ Aloo Beef Curry/ Chines Dish.
3- Mix Vegetable/Fried Dall /Anda Curry /Chines Dish
4- Servad with Nan,Raita,Salad Rs.475/-P.H.
5- With Sweet Dish Rs.565/-P.H.


1- Brown Rice/Plain Rice/Peas Pulao/Egg Fried Rice.
2- Chicken Steam Roast/Chicken Tikka/Chines Style Dish.
3- Chicken Curry/Mutton Curry/Aloo Beef Curry/ Chines Dish.
4- Served with Nan,Raita,Salad Rs.595/-P.H.
5- With Sweet Dish Rs.685/-P.H.


1- Brown Rice/Plain Rice/Peas Pulao/Egg Fried Rice.
2- Chicken Steam Roast/Chicken Tikka/Chines Style Dish.
3- Chicken Curry/ Mutton Curry/Aloo Beef Curry/Chines Dish.
4- Fried Vegetable/Fried Dall/Anda Curry/ Chines Dish.
5- Servad with Nan, Raita, Salad Rs.660/-P.H.
6- With Sweet Dish Rs.750/-P.H.


1- Hot and Sour Soup/Chicken Corn Soup/Muligatwani Soup/Ch.Yakhni.
2- Brown Rice/Plain Rice/Peas Pulao/Egg Fried Rice/Biryani.
3- Chicken Steam Roast/Chines Style Chicken.
4- Chicken Curry/Mutton Curry/Aloo Beef Curry/Beef Chilli Vegetable.
5- Vegetable/Dall/Anda/Curry/ Chines Dish
6- Served with Nan, Raita, Salad, Green Tea Rs.720/-P.H.
7- With Sweet Dish Rs.810/-P.H.


1- Beef Biryani.  
2-Chicken Korma.
3- Seekh Kabab.
4- Mutton Korma.
5- Fresh Salad
6- Kheer/Custard
7- Nan                                                                                        Rs.780/-P.H.


1- Beef Pulao  
2-Chicken Karachi.
3- Chappli Kabab
4- Mutton Badami Korma
5- Sabzi Gosht
6- Fresh Salad
7- Nan
8- Fruit Custard/Kheer                                     Rs.836/-P.H.


1- Kabuli Pulao  
2- Chicken Roast.
3- Zafrani Kabab
4- Mutton Korma
5- Palak Gosht
6- Assorted Salad
7- Nan
8- Fruit Triffle/Kheer
9- Murabba                                                                               Rs.1015/-P.H.


1- Mutton Pulao  
2- Roast Leg of Lamb.
3- Chicken Boti
4- Zafrani Kabab
5- Mutton Korma
6- Fried Fish
7- Nan
8- Assorted Salad
9- Murabba
10- Assorted Sweets
11- Cold Drink/Tea                                                             Rs1254/-P.H.

Outside catering will be charged an extra 20% including transport, cutlery, crockery, buffet setting with skirting, water station, and service. 

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